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Digital Communication Laboratory Trainer
Data Modem Trainer
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Data Communication Laboratory
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Network Simulator
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Mobile Trainer Kit
CPLD Starter Kit
Technical Specifications

Xilinx Adaptor using XC9572-72 Macro Cells.

Two 7- Segment LED Display.

5V Compatible I/Os

An 8-Pin Dip Switch,, Manual Reset Switch.

On Board Oscillator & Push button.

JTAG downloadable cable for downloading

Prototyping Area for versatile usage with 5 I/Os.

Bundled IP Cores with several experiments

Reusable macros for fast dubbing

Power Supply

Model - UE- XXC - 01


AND Gate

OR Gate

XOR Gate

NOR Gate

NOT Gate



Two-bit Counter

Two-bit buffer

Two-bit adder

Two-bit Multiplier


CPLD Starter kit - 1 No

Downloading Cable - 1 No

Power Supply - 1 No

Sample Codes - 1 No (Softcopy)

User Manual - 1 No

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